Top 11 Safe Driving Tips

Technological improvements in today’s time has surely contributed to improved roads and vehicles yet, every year a number of people lose their lives owing to automobile accidents. Usually the tragic losses results from human errors. A little care can make the roads safer for you, your passengers, and your fellow drivers! Keep the risks at bay; consider these top 11 safe driving tips.

1. Do Not Drive Drunk

alkoholverbotDrinking and driving is one of the worst combinations ever! Drunk drivers can suffer from impairments, blurred vision, and even a loss of consciousness. Drinking and driving is considered a crime and kills about 8 people every week. If you are drunk or plan to drink, the better option is to ask a sober friend to drive or get a cab!

2.  Pay Attention to Other Drivers

Pay attention to how other drivers are driving. You may be following all the rules and regulations essential to safe driving yet end up in a crash. Being cautious shall save you from the mistakes of other people and prevent trouble before it occurs.

3. Drowsy, Tired or Unwell – Say No to Driving!

Tired drivers who find it difficult to keep their eyes open while driving cause about 20% of the accidents on the roads. Do not make the deadly mistake of ignoring the few yawns you just had, it’s a recipe for disaster! Take caffeine breaks, keep the music loud, open up the windows and by all means sleep well to knock off the drowsiness and keep focus on the road.

4. Steer Clear of Distractions

Each added passenger to your vehicle can bring in added distractions. The loud music, talking, bad jokes and banter can increase the chances of meeting with an accident. The added weight of the people in the car to an extent affects the vehicle handling as well. Anything bothering you while driving should be worked upon and brought down.

5. Alter Your Driving Style to Match Weather Conditions

Unpredictable weather conditions make it difficult for one to plan for the trip. In bad weather conditions such as fog, storms or heavy rains, alter your driving style to make it through safely. You may want to be careful when making turn, reduce the speed limit, and keep extra space from other vehicles. If the weather is too dangerous to handle, waiting in a safe place would be a preferable option.

6. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

An awareness of your surroundings and being able to anticipate what is going to happen can nip a lot of evil in the bud. Look around, observe things, and use the peripheral vision to have greater information of things going on around you.

7. Turn off Your Cell Phone

handyverbotYes! We have busy lives and need to multi-task things but using your phone while driving is a bad choice. It diverts your attention and brings down your reaction time, ultimately becoming a major cause for distraction and accidents.

8. Maintain a Safe Distance

Maintaining a safe distance from other drivers is one smart tip to prevent accidents. Although you develop instincts for it with experience, experts recommend the ‘three-second rule’ as the recommended distance.

9. Keep Your Vehicle in Good Condition

Knowing your vehicle and getting vehicle maintenance regularly done can ensure each part of your vehicle is functioning properly. A well-maintained vehicle is less likely to malfunction and is safer to drive.

10. Shun Speed Thrills

‘Speed thrills but kills’, ‘Speed kills’ always heard of these? Time you start taking it seriously. The short-lived thrill of speeding puts you and people around you at greater risk of a fatal crash. Please follow speed limits, allow greater time to travel and by all means, avoid speeding.

11. Please Wear the Seat Belt

The basic to safe driving and travelling, wearing the seat belt can save your life. A seat belt can help you to manage narrow deaths escapes and prevent fatal injuries. Stay safe and always remember to buckle it up before a drive.